March 25, 2020

Need a fun little rainy day project? Or like us a fun quarantine project? As I rack my brain for ideas and things to keep the kiddos occupied, my sister shared with me an idea that involved an outdoor fence and chalk. Well since it is still winter here we need to do most of… Read More

What a crazy time we are in. Schools are shutting down. Businesses and companies are limiting their services or shutting down completely. Panic has set in for many. The government has asked for us to social distance or self quarantine if possible. Therefore many families are at home for weeks with no place to go…. Read More

I have struggled and struggled for years with making the girls room a space that is cozy and not filled with clutter. It is literally the tiniest room I have ever seen. I am being completely honest. It is hard to fit two girls into a 90 square foot space! It is probably the one… Read More