This week in our nature study we are learning all about pumpkins. It is probably one of my favorite weeks since I am pumpkin obsessed. We spend the week discussing the life cycle, the different kinds of pumpkins, drawing and painting, and of course reading as many books as possible. Reading can bring to light… Read More

I am not an art major. I love painting and working on calligraphy but my abilities are extremely limited. So when it comes to teaching my children how to do art, sometimes I feel overwhelmed or not know exactly where to begin. As the girls get older I want to introduce art in a more… Read More

What a crazy time we are in. Schools are shutting down. Businesses and companies are limiting their services or shutting down completely. Panic has set in for many. The government has asked for us to social distance or self quarantine if possible. Therefore many families are at home for weeks with no place to go…. Read More

I literally thought that spring would never come after the winter we had. It was long, cold, and full of several feet of snow. As homeschoolers we are always so eager for the snow to go away and start to get out more. It seems like it is forever before we can start exploring again… Read More

October 8, 2018

This week is our second full week of school. We have already experienced a couple hiccups like bad attitudes and Finnegan being a complete mess, but I think we are in for an exciting year. I finally feel like I have a goal and direction in mind for our little school and have found some… Read More