Daily Activity Schedule

What a crazy time we are in. Schools are shutting down. Businesses and companies are limiting their services or shutting down completely. Panic has set in for many. The government has asked for us to social distance or self quarantine if possible. Therefore many families are at home for weeks with no place to go. Even as a home school family knowing that we won’t be going to dance class or our weekly library trip as got us a bit frazzled.

So what can we do to help ease the stress of staying home? We are going to be working on this fun daily activity schedule for the next few weeks!!

daily activity schedule

Daily Activity Schedule

Make it Monday

On Mondays we create. We create paintings, we create the pinterest DIY mom has been itching to try, and most the times we create a mess. Our favorite right now is creating our own homemade play dough. Hold tight cause that post will be coming this week!

Table Time Tuesday

On Tuesdays we spend some time around the table. We are board game obsessed so we spend a lot of time playing games. But we also play cards, do puzzles, and the girls’ newest obsession Farkle (thanks Grammy)!

Watch it Wednesday

On Wednesdays we spend a little time watching something. Not everything is considered bad TV! Through this quarantine I have found a number of great resources that are free and so amazing to watch. Watch a documentary. Watch a virtual tour. Watch live animal feeds throughout many of the nation’s zoos.

The Louvre

National Museum of National History


National Women’s History Museum

San Diego Zoo

Tell it Thursday

On Thursdays we write and/or draw a friend or family member a letter. How fun is it to get mail? UHHH very fun. I miss the days where my mailbox was full of cards and letters. So we spend a little time draw a beautiful picture or telling a story and sending it off to someone we love.

Foodie Friday

On Fridays we cook! Find a fun, new recipe and give it a try. Or make easy yogurt popsicles or fruit smoothies or cookies. Anything works as long as you do it together.

While this only cuts into a bit of the time we all are sitting in the house, it truly can be some of the best memories. Praying that each and every one of you make it through this wild time!