March 25, 2020

Need a fun little rainy day project? Or like us a fun quarantine project? As I rack my brain for ideas and things to keep the kiddos occupied, my sister shared with me an idea that involved an outdoor fence and chalk. Well since it is still winter here we need to do most of… Read More

February 12, 2017

During the winter the girls can quickly become bored and at each other throats. It does not help that we live in Michigan causing for long, miserable winters. So we are always searching for easy and fun crafts or projects to keep us busy. I scour Pinterest all the time to get ideas. One day… Read More

With having little ones it is nice to build on the already existing traditions and add new ones to the mix. My last post was all about old traditions but today I am going to share two new traditions that we are pleased start in our family! 1.Cranberry and orange garland. I have seen this… Read More

Being pregnant is a time for celebration. Every moment should be celebrated and more importantly celebrated with family. I knew with this pregnancy I wanted to do a gender reveal party. These parties were not popular and really never heard of when I was going through my first two pregnancies. So I was so excited… Read More

The girls and I enjoy doing many craft projects. It gives us the ability to each showcase our creativity and have a little fun. One thing the girls are constantly collecting are pine cones. We always have pine cones in the house just waiting to be spruced up. So recently when Annaliese asked for a… Read More

February 9, 2016

I love making handmade gifts. I am always looking for fun and easy gifts that can be made for my friends and family. Recently I decided to make homemade refrigerator magnets. My sister is a huge fan of Robin Williams. She has been since she was nine years old and watched Patch Adams for the… Read More