Holiday Gift Guide for Children

Christmas is just three weeks away! So as we all make a mad dash to buy gifts for our children, I thought I would give my suggestions for some that children I am sure would love. I am always looking for gifts that will last longer than the usual gift. Because it happens. I spend money on a toy that they beg for only to see it months later stashed under the bed forgotten about.  The gifts I have included in this holiday gift guide will (I know at least in my house) will last longer and will be used time and time again.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Children

Loom Journals

holiday gift guide

I have to admit I was completely blown away when I found these on Instagram. Now that the girls are getting older I wanted to get them their very own journals to start jotting down their thoughts and feelings. These journals add so much more than just that. Loom journals are parent/child journals that help in fostering a connection with your child. These journals allow for a better understanding of your child’s thoughts on home life, family, and the goals that they have. I am incredibly excited to begin these with the girls. To connect on a deeper level and strengthen our relationship.

Mudpuppy Puzzles

holiday gift guide

I am so happy that all three of my children share my love for puzzles. Each one of them love to pull out a puzzle for quiet time or a family puzzle for our winter weekend activity. I love these puzzles from Mudpuppy because of how colorful and beautiful they are. For the little ones there are magnetic puzzles that are perfect for on the go travels. I love having a number of things to bring along for Finn to do in the car. This includes two puzzles on a tri-fold portfolio package allowing for no slipping or lost pieces. For the girls I got them a 500 piece puzzle with North American butterflies on it. We are constantly learning about butterflies in school and is one of the very favorite things for the girls to draw, so I think this was the perfect fit. The pieces are sturdy and colorful and the perfect gift to do together!

K.Bell Socks

holiday gift guide

Many may say absolutely not, but I say why not? Socks are one of my very favorite things to not only receive but also to give. I love being able to find fun and whimsical socks for the kids. K. Bell socks has a wonderful selection of funny socks, silly socks, and frilly socks. The quality is amazing and the material is so soft.

Dash into Learning book set

holiday gift guide

I cannot have a gift guide without sharing my very favorite books. Dash into Learning has the most beautiful books sets that seek out to help teach children how to read. I have talked and talked about how these very books helped my daughter Madelyn build the confidence she needed to read. There was a sparkle in her eye every time we had to read and she would actually initiate our reading time. She became a different person with these books. The illustrations are beautiful and the reading builds a child’s phonics in a slow and steady pace. There is two separate sets. Set one covers phonics and blend sounds. Set two builds on what your child learned and teaches long vowels, silent e words, and blending. I am so excited for set 3 to be released in 2020. This set will cover more advanced reading concepts for your child’s learning. These books would be the perfect gift for any child struggling with reading or even for one that absolutely loves to read.

Shape Mags

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A gift that all the children will love is the best gift of all. Magnetic tiles has been on the girls’ wish list for two year now. They may very well flip when they open this on Christmas day. I have to admit I am a little giddy about this gift. I cannot wait for us all to pull these out and build and play. Shape Mags magnetic tiles provide endless hours of play and help teach patterns, shape recognition, and creativity. These should be on everyone’s wish list!

Little Heirloom Books

holiday gift guide

I find that subscription boxes can be some of the very best gifts. A gift that a child can receive not just once but over and over again. Little Heirloom Books is a subscription box geared towards children ages 3-8 that  includes inspiring books paired with heirloom treasures. It is no secret that my family are lovers of books so when I am able to find beautifully written and illustrated books for them I think its a big win. Little Heirloom Books has three different boxes to choose from and you can either by one box or subscribe to receiving a box every month, two months, or three. I am most excited about the activity ideas and discussion starters that are included. This will allow us to enhance our understanding of the book and include it as part of our learning.

There you have it! My gift guide for children!

Hope everyone has a beautiful holiday season!