Well it has happened, we have entered the dreaded teething stage. I was hoping we would just skip this stage all together. A mother could dream right? Well there is no skipping this one. I feel that this is the worst stage to experience. The irritability, the drooling, the trying to bite and chew on… Read More

May 17, 2017

Now I am no fashion guru. Do I love clothes? Yes. Do I love shopping? Of course. But I am far from an expertise of what is in style and the must haves for every season. One thing I do know is comfort. I want the clothes that I wear to be comfortable while still… Read More

Happy Monday Friends! It was a beautiful weekend spent with the four people I love the most. I was not feeling well but the kids and Josh still managed to make me smile and feel special. I got breakfast in bed, beautiful jewelry, movie of my choice, snuggles, and a great dinner. I am completely… Read More

April 24, 2017

Happy Monday Friends I love when a weekend leaves me feeling refreshed. It was such a beautiful spring weekend, that I really think we can say goodbye to winter. We managed to do a little cleaning outdoors and put the trampoline up. The girls were so excited and of course impatient about the process of… Read More