Moving Forward into 2019

I always feel so refreshed when the new year begins. New opportunities, new goals, and new ideas swirl through my brain. What I want to improve on and what I want to accomplish are top of my list when thinking about the possibilities of the new year.
I am not the type of person to make New Years resolutions but I do make goals. Everything that I can possibly think of for the year gets written down so that I can strive towards completions. However also this year I decided to pick a word for the year. I have always found these to be a little silly but when I was reflecting and writing I found that choosing a word isn’t that silly. With this word I allow myself to stay in step with my goals. By choosing a word I stay on the path I want to be as a wife, mother, and overall person.

word of the year

So what is my word of the year?



This is the word that kept coming back to me over and over again. There are many ways in which this word encompasses what I want to accomplish this year. To me it means to embrace everything that comes my way, good or bad. To not get defeated but to realize that even in the bad there is a reason behind it and to embrace with love and faith of understanding.

Also I feel this word goes hand in hand with my battle with simplifying my life. I want to hold on tight to what matters the most in life. I want to do away with all the unnecessary things that pull me away from what I love. Embrace the experiences and not the things around me!

I want to embrace my kids more. Hold them a little longer, hug them a little tighter, play with them a little more. Wrap myself around the things that bring them joy and watch them flourish in everything they do. Life can so quickly engulf my thoughts and motivations that I feel as though time with my children gets put on the back burning. Yes some days will be completely out of my control but I want to make a conscience effort of knowing when my children need me the most.

Finally I want to welcome optimism and leave the negativity at the door. The outlook is so much more rewarding when positivity is shining through. This will probably be my biggest challenge. I am so quick to embrace all that is negative and feel content in that thinking. This cannot be healthy and that is why I am choosing to embrace positivity as I move through this year.

So here is to a new year full of opportunity, hope, and determination. For a year full of embracing love, experiences, and everything that comes my way.

Did you pick a word for 2019? If so let me know in the comments!