The Best Garden Books for Kids

I literally thought that spring would never come after the winter we had. It was long, cold, and full of several feet of snow. As homeschoolers we are always so eager for the snow to go away and start to get out more. It seems like it is forever before we can start exploring again and soak in everything there is in nature. But once we are able to see the ground and hear the birds chirping, I love to begin pulling out all our spring and summer lessons. One of our lessons we like to do is learning about growing and maintaining a garden.

Here in Northern Michigan we usually wait until Memorial Day weekend to plant our garden in case we experience frost at night. So even though we have to wait, we begin learning and planting our garden indoors. The girls get so excited and love picking what seeds we will use for the garden.

When creating a lesson plan for the girls I love to find as many books as possible to read about the subject. I have talked previously here about the importance of living books in our homeschooling curriculum. I have found that these books have been the best in teaching and creating a great, well rounded lesson.

The Best Garden Books for Kids

Garden Journal

We are the Gardeners

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

And Then It’s Spring

Jack’s Garden

From Seed to Plant

First Garden: The White House Garden and How it Grew

The Curious Garden

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