A Great Afternoon Routine That Works For Us

This post is sponsored by Celestial Seasonings but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Our mornings around here are jam packed with things to do. The list is long but we have gotten into a nice routine consisting of chores and certain school subjects. Yes we can get a little off track (Finn can be finicky and needy) but we do our best moving from one thing to the next to make our mornings productive. However once the afternoon hits, we seem to lose all our momentum. The food in our body settles and tiredness sets in. As much as I would love to nap and force my older kids to do the same, it just isn’t possible. So I needed to create an afternoon routine that works for both me and my kids!

afternoon routine

Read Stories

We are working more reading into our days and the afternoons seem perfect to cozy up and read a story. Currently we are reading classics and poetry. This is allows for the perfect opportunity to spend some girl time and open up some great discussions about what we are reading!

Provide a Refreshing Drink

Usually when afternoon hits, I’m ready to grab another cup of coffee or other sugary drink. But this year I have been making lifestyle changes to become a healthier version of myself. That is why I am drinking more tea in the afternoon. Celestial Seasoning teas are my absolute favorite. Celestial teas have a large assortment of options which include peppermint, country peach passion, and honey vanilla chamomile. I love how these teas are so flavorful and have 0 calories. The girls (thank goodness) love tea also so it is perfect for us to drink a cup while we are reading our stories.

afternoon routine

afternoon routine

You can find a great variety of Celestial Seasoning teas at your local Walmart. All teas are made with string-less bags and come is recycled boxes. Celestial Seasoning is not only focused on sustainability but also focused on wellness which includes the sleepytime line.

afternoon routine

Tackle a List of Light Chores

We have a great system for morning chores but the afternoon we are usually running around trying to get whatever accomplished before it is dinner time. Yes I am known for being a procrastinator but I don’t like feeling rushed to get the house back in order before dinner is done. So I am setting up a nice but small list of chores for us to accomplish in the afternoon. This allows for us to straighten every room up so that we can have a nice and relaxing evening.

Get Some Fresh Air

I am amazed by what 20 minutes of fresh air will do for us! Taking time in nature and breathing in the air helps all of us to re-energize and refocus for the rest of the day! The temps right now are a little too frigid but if it is 20 degrees or warmer we will get some fresh air!


While I know my routine will not work for some it is important to remember that being able to set a routine that works with your family is what matters! Routines make life easier and can be done to avoid chaos and stress. Creating an afternoon routine will give that extra push needed to make it through the day!