30 Day Declutter Challenge

Many by now have seen or heard of the new show on Netflix called “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. Marie Kondo is an organizing consultant that has written two bestseller books on finding joy in the things you have and explaining how to clear your clutter! I personally have known about her ways for a few years when I began simplifying my life. I would not say I have followed all of her methods to declutter my own life but there are a few principles I believe of hers to be helpful in living a more simple life. While I do not personally hold each item in my hands to see if it brings me joy, this technique has worked wonders with getting my girls to part with a few things. I actually will be doing this once again with my girls since their room is filling up with unnecessary clutter.

There is so much joy in knowing that I can live in a place that I have envisioned and that the things around me do not have to hold me hostage. If you are new here or new to the decluttering world, I have an earlier post about tips on how to declutter your home here. This will help if you decide to take this challenge with me!

Each and every one of us has our own reasoning and our own ways in going about living a more minimalist life. With this challenge I encourage every one to take the time to declutter and make room for what matters most. Some days have easy tasks. While others may be more difficult and longer to work through. Looking at this challenge I can already see a few days where I will struggle and may even need more than one day to complete (computer and phone photos)! But work along with me and lets do this together! Follow along on Instagram and watch my daily instastories to see my process of clearing the clutter!

So here it is!!! My 30 day challenge of decluttering!

declutter challenge


I am so excited about this challenge! I hope you take a ride with me on this journey and lets get rid of our clutter together! Do not forget to join me over on Instagram!