DIY Magnets


I love making handmade gifts. I am always looking for fun and easy gifts that can be made for my friends and family. Recently I decided to make homemade refrigerator magnets. My sister is a huge fan of Robin Williams. She has been since she was nine years old and watched Patch Adams for the first time. I love trying to figure out new gifts to give her that includes her favorite actor. So when I snagged an old entertainment weekly magazine with Robin Williams on the cover, I knew I had to make something.

These magnets are so simple to make! I had no idea how quick the process would be and how great they would turn out! Here is how to make your own magnets!



Pictures (these can be from a magazine, postcards, books)

Mod podge

Glass gems

Craft magnets




  1. Find the pictures you want to use for the magnets.
  2. Place gem on the picture in order to get the placement that you would like.          IMG_0655
  3. Trace around the gem and cut out the picture.
  4. Mod podge the front of the picture and the back of the gem.                                     IMG_0656
  5. Place picture on gem and allow time to dry.
  6. Once dried grab the magnet, pull off the tape, and place it on the back of the gem.
  7. Voila! You have yourself a handmade magnet!



This is a great DIY for a quick and easy gift for friends and family. My sister absolutely loved hers!