Our Holiday-New Traditions

With having little ones it is nice to build on the already existing traditions and add new ones to the mix. My last post was all about old traditions but today I am going to share two new traditions that we are pleased start in our family!

1.Cranberry and orange garland. I have seen this on pinterest a million times and it is something that I always wanted to do. Now with the girls being older and able to help out, we decided to make a few garlands for the tree. I love the natural beauty and simplicity that the garland gives. The girls had a great time pinning the cranberries and making a pattern in their garlands.


Cranberry and Orange Garland

3 oranges

bag of cranberries


fishing line

Cut oranges into thin slices and place in oven at 200° for 3 hours

String cranberries and oranges in any pattern you would like

2. Holiday Photo Booth. The concept of a photo booth during Christmas is not one I ever thought of. We did one once for a birthday and for Thanksgiving but I never thought of doing one for this holiday. It was not until I got in touch with a company called Thoughtfully that I knew this would be a fun edition to our traditions. Thoughtfully has a wide range of beautiful and unique gift boxes that are sure to please anyone on your gift list. This beautifully curated box included holiday photo props, a chalkboard banner, and a mistletoe to make our holiday a little more fun. I let the girls play around with the props to get a few pictures but the real fun will be when everyone comes over to celebrate Christmas. I will have a little place set up for photos and fun! The girls are so excited to turn their uncle into Santa and their aunt into a reindeer!

It has been such a joy creating new traditions with my girls and finding activities that we can continue year after year. They have had a blast trying new things and finding fun ways to make the holiday even brighter. I am sure we will continue doing these two every year and making great memories to last a lifetime.

Be sure to check out Thoughtfully’s website to see a number of other gift boxes that are fun and unique!

Hope everyone has a beautiful holiday!