Three Ways to Decorate Pine Cones

The girls and I enjoy doing many craft projects. It gives us the ability to each showcase our creativity and have a little fun.

One thing the girls are constantly collecting are pine cones. We always have pine cones in the house just waiting to be spruced up.

So recently when Annaliese asked for a woodland theme birthday party, I knew pine cones would be a must in the decor. So we decided to decorate the pine cones in three different ways.

  • glitter

Who does not like glitter? It is pretty, sparkly, and creates a massive mess. The girls love using it! So I placed glue all over the pine cones and let the girls go to town.




  • paint the tips

You can most definitely use a paint brush but I find it easier to just use my fingers. Take a little paint and begin dabbing the tips. I find this to be my favorite and gives the pine cones such a pretty look!


  • dip them in paint

Place paint in a cup, I have a cheap coffee cup that I use for painting, and dip the whole pine cone in. I used just my hands so it got messy but I do not call it a successful craft if you do not get messy!



There you have it! Three simple ways to spruce up pine cones in order to create gorgeous decor for either a party or for every day!