Two Ingredient Fluffy Dough

February 12, 2017

During the winter the girls can quickly become bored and at each other throats. It does not help that we live in Michigan causing for long, miserable winters. So we are always searching for easy and fun crafts or projects to keep us busy. I scour Pinterest all the time to get ideas. One day I came across a post to make super easy dough. We actually made this dough during our lesson plan for clouds. The dough has some similar characteristics as clouds including softness and like the name suggests, fluffiness!

This is a two ingredient dough.

1 cup of conditioner
2 cups cornstarch

* We jazzed up our fluffy dough with glitter!

In a bowl, mix your ingredients. The dough should be non-stick and stretchy. So if it is to wet add more conditioner and if it is too dry add more corn starch.

This dough could not be any easier! We had it done in a matter of minutes. I love when we are able to make something so quickly yet I know the girls will play for hours with it! They instantly grabbed all their play dough toys to use for this dough. They even made me these adorable heart “cookies” to eat. They spent over an hour playing and creating with the dough. We had some extra play dough containers that we used to store this dough but you could use any air tight container!

So next time you are looking for something quick but will keep the kids entertained for hours, make some fluffy dough!