Best of 2017 + Reader Survey

I simply cannot believe that 2017 is coming to an end. It is so cliche to say but time is just flying by. I feel like the second Christmas is over I instantly go into reflection and resolution mode. What did this year bring? What fun adventures did we go on? What can I improve on? What will next year bring? I always find it inspiring to look ahead. I write down goals that I want to accomplish in home life, personal life, homeschool life, blog life, and photography life. It may look overwhelming once all jotted down but these are little goals that I can work on all year long to keep me on track to making it a great year.

So how did this year stack up?

I think it was an amazing year for us over here. We started off this year having our third and final baby.  He has been such a joy and definitely completes are family unit. The girls have really taken roles as mini moms and while there are some moments where they act like they make the rules for the most part they are extremely helpful with caring for their brother. We started our third year of homeschooling, which I believe is always a huge accomplishment. The girls learned how to ride two wheelers, we successfully camped a couple of times, and went to Mackinac Island. It was a great year for the blog and love everything that I have and still am learning about this world. I have a great group of mom bloggers that inspire me, encourage me, and keep me motivated. Overall it was such a fun year and I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for us.

Top five blog posts written in 2017:

These five blog posts were the ones that received the most traffic. It is a fun way to reflect on what my readers have enjoyed. I was pretty surprised to see which ones made this list.

5. Loving You Was Never Easy

This was probably one of the hardest posts that I have ever written. My heart was completely laid out for my readers to understand how I felt with having a dad that was an alcoholic.

4. Breastfeeding Sucks: Stories of Moms Who Faced Struggles But Persevered

Breastfeeding my third baby has not been easy. I have had numerous problems and many times where I wanted to give up. But I am happy to give an update and say we are about to meet the 12 month mark of breastfeeding! In this post I shared my experience and the experiences of five other women that struggled with breastfeeding but continued to persevere and find ways to be successful at it.

3. #1 Baby Product Every Mom Should Have

Ever find something that you absolutely love and want to share it with everyone? This was and how I still feel about the Dockatot. To this day I will tell anyone looking for a great co-sleeper to get a Dockatot. Cannot wait to share our next post on using the Grand version of the Dockatot!

2. Five Benefits when using Probiotics while Breastfeeding

I am really glad to see this one near the top! It was such an eye opener for myself so I am happy that others found this to be insightful!

1. Currently Loving – Fall Edition

I love writing my currently loving posts and glad this one was a hit! I love everything fall and farmhouse style!

Goals for 2018:

I have many goals for the upcoming year. Personally I need to continue to work on being present. It can be so easy to become distracted but I need to remember time with my children and with my husband is the most important. For the blog I want to focus less on numbers and more on content. The numbers are something that I can obsess about until the cows come home. However this will not change a single thing. The content that I create can have the possibility to change many things. So more focus on content! Also I want to become more regular in my posting. I am so sporadic and inconsistent. I love writing and love sharing things I am learning so I want to make it more of a priority for the new year.

I need your help! Please fill out my year end reader survey!

This survey is completely anonymous and each question is optional. I would love to hear what you all have in mind for Blissfully Insane. Click here to fill it out!

Have a absolutely wonderful night celebrating the last day of the year and I look forward to continuing this wonderful journey with all of you in the new year.