#1 Baby Product Every Mom Should Have

I have a confession to make. I was a mom that would roll her eyes when another mom would tell me she co-slept. I thought it was crazy. I thought it was absurd. I knew that I would never be that mom. Now do not start bombarding me with negative comments. Anyone catch the key word a few sentences back? I was that mom. Was. Yes. Let me tell you. I have changed my ways. I have fully embraced co-sleeping. What was I thinking? It has created a bond between Finnegan and I that I did not have early on with the girls. Yes I did bond with the girls. But this is different. I have this closeness. It has truly been a beautiful experience.

So what made me change? The DockATot. I can not believe that one product had the power to change my thinking. But it did and that is why I am naming this the #1 product that every mom should own. Now I am not saying that everyone should and will convert into co-sleepers. It works for some and not for others. That is completely cool. Cause you know what? This product is not just for co-sleeping. It is for placing on the couch, on the floor, for tummy time, for playing. The possibilities with this product are amazing. For those that are avid co-sleepers, those thinking about co-sleeping, those that want a safe place for their babies to sleep, or for those that want an overall great baby product, the DockATot is a must have!!

So what is the DockATot? DockATot is a beautifully made, multi functional product that creates a comfortable and snug environment for baby. It truly is a great product. I love that it is lightweight and has two handles to use for carrying. It is great for over night stays instead of lugging around a pack n play. The mattress and bumper is breathable with airflow creating comfort for baby and the material are hypoallergenic! Also there are two different sizes, deluxe and grand allowing for continued use until the age of 2!

Finnegan has slept most of his days in his DockATot. Now that he is getting older, I place it on the floor for him to play and stare at his toys. Also with the bumper this allows for the perfect place for tummy time! During the day when I am done breastfeeding and he falls asleep, I can easily transfer him to his DockATot that is set right next to me on the couch. The design allows for a snug place for him to feel safe. I truly do believe he gets his best sleep in his DockATot.

So now you may be wondering if the DockATot is worth the splurge? I absolutely believe it is. The amount of use you will get out of it is well worth the amount that you pay. Finnegan is in his throughout the day and the DockATot can take place of a number of other baby items that we all invest in.There are numerous testimonies on their website explaining how perfect this product is for babies and for their tired mamas. This only further proves that the DockATot will be a beneficial product for any mama and truly worth every penny! I know I will be definitely buying the grand version for Finnegan!

I am so thankful that I found the DockATot and love that I get to wake up to this face every two to three hours! So whether you co-sleep or not this product is a must have for any new mama!

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**This post is sponsored by DockATot. As always all opinions are my own.