Simple Holiday Table Setting

I love to host parties. I mean my anxiety goes through the roof but I love being able to entertain my family and friends. It is especially nice during the holiday season when I get to entertain. I also love the decorating part of the party. Gathering up all the pieces I need to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere for all to enjoy. One thing I find really nice is setting the table that compliments the theme or season of the party.

Every year I have my siblings over for a Christmas dinner. It is one of my most favorite days because I am able to cook a wonderful meal for them and exchange presents. Plus we usually watch White Christmas together and that is something very special to me. This year I thought it would be really nice to dress up the tables a bit and have a simple table setting for us to enjoy.

I honestly pulled this tablescape all together in about twenty minutes. I simply gathered items that I already owned. Since it is the holidays, pine cones and greenery make a great decoration for a table. I really love to pull elements from nature into my decor. I love the small chalkboard clips I found so that I was able to personalize each setting.

One key item that I believe belongs in every tablescape is wine. It is a definite must have (well for me absolutely). I like to find a wine that everyone will enjoy no matter what their taste is. Wente wine is the perfect addition to any party. This family owned operation has mastered the taste of both red and white wines. For my table setting for dinner I went with the Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay. Wente Chardonnay is a beautiful mix of pear, melon, citrus, and green apple with hints of toasty oak and vanilla from barrel aging.

Having a nice table setting is a perfect way in creating a beautiful statement for a party. No matter if the party is big or small, a table setting adds a special touch to any occasion. So with the a little imagination and the right items, anyone can pull of a simple holiday table setting.