Shop Small [Cabled]

There are some days when I come across a shop and I instantly become obsessed. This is the case for today’s feature for shop small, Cabled! It is a great shop ran by Molly. I have always found those that have the ability to knit to have a breathtaking talent that I envy. She makes beautiful headbands, beanies, baby bonnets, and welcomes custom orders! It is a shop I would recommend to anyone!
So first I would like to talk about the beautiful way my item came packaged. As I opened the package I was greeted by a beautifully wrapped item with a wonderful card. I had to take pictures because Molly had the most amazing stickers! {{On a side note I will probably be using a number of adjectives in this post because I want to emphasize clearly how much I enjoy this shop}}
As I opened the tissue paper, and tried not to rip the stickers, I noticed that the product was yet again in a beautiful bag with the shop name on it. Take a look…how can you not already be obsessed with this shop? We have not even gotten to the product yet!!!
Once I opened the bag I was in love! We received the Molly headband. The quality and craftsmanship is absolutely stunning. It is beautifully made and I am loving the color combo of brown and light pink. The girls could not wait to try it on. It fits perfectly and was worn all day long. For my daughter who loves headbands, this was a great addition to her collection. Since we are still experiencing spring like weather, I know this will be a staple in her wardrobe.
I had the pleasure to interview the woman behind the shop Molly to get a glimpse of what drives her in maintaining her own business!
Tell us a little about your shop, Cabled.  
Cabled is a shop that specializes in in luxury hand knit items for women and children. I enjoy using top-quality materials including cashmere, merino wool, and organic cotton.
Is there a special story behind the name?
Cabled is named after a method of knitting, cable-knitting, where the stitches are passed under and over one another to create really beautiful textures and patterns. All of my items include cable-knitting in one way or the other, and when I was thinking of names for my shop, this seemed like a pretty obvious choice. My instagram handle is @craveablycabled – I took a little bit of creative license and made my own adverb, since I do hope that the things that I make will be crave worthy.
When creating your pieces, what is your inspiration?
My inspiration comes mainly from two different things. Firstly, I’m inspired by the generations of craftswomen who developed and passed down these beautiful cable-knitting stitches. There are so many different kinds, each unique, and there are endless ways of combing the stitches to create stunning patterns. When I sit down to create a new piece, I always have a friend or child of a friend in mind – I try to create something that reminds me of them, and is something that they would love.
Is starting your own business something you always wanted to do?
I come from a very creative and artistic family, have lots of relatives who are entrepreneurs with their own successful ventures, and pre-kid I worked in business development.  Over the years, I’ve had lots of different business ideas in the back of my mind. Most of them never become more than just ideas, but Cabled was different. Knitting is a craft that I enjoy doing anyway, and combining that with my own professional development has been so much fun for me.
What has been your favorite design so far?
Oh, that’s a tough one! I really love everything that I make. I guess right now my favorite thing to make is baby bonnets. They’re just so sweet and they remind me of when my own kids were itty bitties.
If you have experienced one obstacle, what was it and how did you overcome it?
Luckily it’s been pretty smooth sailing so far. I would say the biggest obstacle is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do. As a mom, my kids are my first priority, so when I have some free time, that’s when I start knitting and working on the business. This leads to a lot of late nights and sleepy mornings, but its worth it!
What are your hopes and dreams for your business?
I hope to build a business successful enough that my knitting needles are always clicking. I want to be a brand that people associate with quality, excellent customer service, and special moments. From a bonnet for a baby blessing to a headband for a ski trip – I hope that Cabled is able to accessorize your memorable events in the most beautiful ways.
We are absolutely in love with our headband and I would recommend heading over to one or all of Cabled social media links because I think you will become a big fan too!!!