Accepting Imperfection


I am an imperfect mother. There I said it. Out loud and for all to hear.

As a mother I have successfully made mistakes in the past six years. I may have left a diaper on just a little too long, may have babied them, may have fed them “unhealthy” food, may have used the television as a babysitter in order to have a moment of peace, may have yelled, ignored, and maybe wondered why I had two kids. I have felt like a failure. I have felt like a horrible mom. I have been on the brink of collapse.

But at my lowest point I realized, I am imperfect. There is no superior way to parent. I discipline, I teach, I give them love and attention. I can read all the books, websites, and magazines in the world and it still would not make me a perfect mother. I am human. I will stumble. I will fall. But I will also thrive and have moments of greatness. I have been blessed to have two beautiful and healthy children. Their smiles, their laughter, their love brings me great joy. But then the whining, the complaining, and the screaming. It may seem unbearable at times but I am present. I continue to try my very best to raise them right in this world. I strive to make sure we survive another day.


It is okay to be imperfect.The struggles and imperfection I face can be used as opportunities of growth. The realization that I am an imperfect mother can give me the understanding that no one is perfect. Each one of us mothers have our faults but those faults in no way make us bad mothers. It was a hard road to travel. To get to the point that I can not achieve it all and give it all was a difficult point to get to. However no matter how difficult it is, it is the most rewarding experience of my life and I will continue to embrace the fact that I may be imperfect at times but I am perfection in the eyes of my children.