School Decision Pt. 2

As parents when we have made a decision, usually we have felt confident with that decision. Secure and able to move forward. However that is not always the case. I cannot begin to explain the magnitude of our emotions. A few weeks back we made the decision of sending our five year old to public school.

Annaliese flowers

At that moment we did feel confident. We felt as though we were able to move forward from that point. However that quickly became not the case. We felt conflicted. We felt uneasy. We were not 100% confident. We struggled back and forth with the decision again. Which path was going to coincide with our beliefs and our faith. What was going to benefit our daughter the most and ensure her attitude and demeanor would stay intact. From the moment that we changed our decision and decided to home-school, a weight did lift from our shoulders. For the first time since the back and forth of this weighty decision, we felt at ease. We felt comfortable. We felt confident. Some may disagree with our decision and I know it is out of love and concern. I thank each and every person for showing so much love for our daughter. It truly does mean the world to us. But for this year we will home-school. We will take on the task of teaching our children. There is no turning back. There is no changing this decision. So be prepared for an overload of home-schooling posts!