Follow Friday!

It is time again for another follow Friday! Social media gives us the opportunity to reach out to others, shop big or small, stay connected, create friendships. A few weeks ago I was able to connect with Courtney Packer from YAY prints. The moment I checked out her Etsy shop, I wanted prints. I was drawn to the simplicity of them. The prints are made in bold colors and can be found in either a design or a quote. New prints come out weekly so there is always something different!


Last year, Courtney started working from home, spending a lot of time answering e-mails and phone calls. Designing the prints was her way to blow of some steam. With so many ideas flowing, she decided to open up her Etsy shop. At the moment she is located in Utah but will be relocating to Washington for her husband to finish graduate school. All proceeds made from the selling of her prints will go to her husband’s schooling cost.

The inspiration behind the prints is her daughter. She wants her daughter to be able to see the beauty in this world and recognize the good. Therefore the prints are positive and uplifting.

Many will notice that the prints she sells are digital. So why digital? First, it is cheaper than purchasing an actual print and it being shipped to your home. Secondly, there is no wait time! You receive your print instantly and do not have to worry about the package being lost or damaged, Finally, once you receive the print you can print it out over and over again! So you have the opportunity to create gifts for your friends and family or use it as a phone or computer background.

These prints are amazing! I am so glad that I found this shop and look forward to ordering more prints in the future.



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