September Goals

A new month is upon us. With a new month comes a fresh start. An ability to look ahead and create a list of things that should be accomplished. I have always been a person with lists and goals. I many times falter on completing those lists and goals but find it extremely important in creating a starting point.  Goals I believe are important. Goals have the ability to push me to the finish line. There is something so satisfying in looking at a list and being able to cross something off. Accomplishment. Success. The moment where I can secretly say “boom baby”!!!

So here are my top five goals for September!

1. Set and stick with a homeschooling schedule. Oh this will be a fun one. I want to get into a morning routine with the girls so that we are starting school at a consistent time. I want to have a curriculum mapped out so that the week goes smoothly. I want to create fun projects and lessons so that the girls stay focused and interested.

2. Re-vamp my blog. This is something that I have been meaning to do but have been so busy that I have not gotten a chance. I want to buy a domain that actually matches the name of my blog. I want to self-host. I want to dedicate more time to my blog to watch it grow.

3. Go through my dad’s belongings. Till this point I have not been able to empty the bag that carries my dad’s belongings. I stashed it away in my closet so that I would not have to deal with it. I was not ready. I was not prepared. After two months, I feel as though I am ready. I am ready to put things away and up throughout my house.

4. Paint my pseudo fireplace. At the beginning of the summer I bought a pseudo fireplace at a garage sale for $5! I thought it would be a perfect decor piece for my home. My intentions are to paint it and then antique it! I have never done it before so I should beg my mom to help me!

5. Put up my gallery wall. I have been collecting pieces to put in my entry hallway for quite a while now. I have a wall decal that says “live well, laugh often, love much” I put it up over four years ago so I can officially say I am over it. So I want to get a new look up on the wall since it is the first thing that people see!

So here are my goals! I am sure I will have more goals pop up along the way but if I get these five accomplished, I will feel like I have had a successful September!