Three tips to stay committed to your goals

December 30, 2016

When the new year approaches each one of us spends time reflecting on the past year and goals that we have accomplished and maybe not have accomplished. This prepares us in creating new goals for the upcoming year. But how many of us make the best attempts at keeping these goals only to see them quickly be put on the back burner as the new year gets underway? I know I have made goals at the beginning of the year to only see them become distant memories of high hopes. I have tried and tried to maintain goals in the past and have faltered a number of times. This year I am not only making goals but utilizing tips in which will equip me with the best opportunity in keeping those goals.

So how can you make goals and keep them? I think with these three tips each one of us can be on the road of success when it comes to accomplishing goals.

1.Make realistic goals that are not so broad. How many times have you made a goal of getting healthy or getting organized? How do these goals really describe what you hope to achieve in the new year? What specific parts of your life do you want to get healthy? Better eating? Exercise three times a week? Focus on a specific part so that the goal seems more attainable and once achieved you are able to feel successful and move on to another part of the much broader goal. Same with getting organized. I know personally when I say I am getting organized I become overwhelmed by the amount of organization I need to get done. Take small steps when it comes to organizing. One room at a time or set out 20 minutes a day of organizing. That way you are slowly achieving your goal and not becoming overwhelmed with the the concept of organizing.

2.Review and track your goals. It is so important to not lose your focus on what you want to achieve for the year. I know personally it is so easy to get distracted with the ins and outs of every day life. The kids, the husband, work, school, friends, these are things that can easily pull me away from remembering what my goals are. That is why it is so important to review and keep track of your progress. This year I have my goals written on a piece of paper and placed somewhere that I can see them every day. Daily I review my goals to remind myself of what I want to accomplish. Then on certain goals I track my progress. Am I sticking to my exercise schedule? Did I stay on track with my blog to dos to keep my goal on track? Whatever your goal is, it only takes a few minutes each day to review and track your progress to ensure your success!

3.Stay accountable. Need a little help staying committed to your goals? Tell someone that you trust and know that they will give you the necessary kick in the pants if needed! I usually tell my husband and my sister what my goals are. That way I have someone that is really interested in seeing me succeed and want to help in any way they can. It is so important to have a team behind you in accomplishing goals, especially a goal that you may have struggled with in the past.

If you implement these three tips into your goal planning, I am sure that you will have great success in 2017!! Hoping each and every one you a very blessed and beautiful new year!!!