Learning to Take a Risk

I need to begin by saying that I am not a risk taker. I am predictable and tend to play it safe. I like to live in my safe zone. I like to keep my fear to a minimum.  I do not want to say that this is a bad thing but I know in times past it has kept me from great things. It is hard for me to jump out of my comfort zone. I tend to think so much about the possibilities that it turns me away from adventurous things. I have been known to talk about my wildest dreams and what I would love to do. However it is usually met with “oh ok Kristen” or “you will never do that.”

Well sorry to disappoint you folks cause I did something crazy. I became that risk taker. I became that person that makes a dream a reality. I got a tattoo. Yup, the terrified of needles, have to hold me down to get a shot, chick got a tattoo. I have always tossed around the idea of getting a tattoo. Talking with my husband or with my siblings, it was always something on my wish list. But fear always held me back. The unknown kept me from checking off this from my bucket list. But I learned to take a risk. I learned to follow through with what I have wanted to do and seek adventure!

So what did I get? Well I got a beautiful single arrow.

Why did I get that? Here is a little back story. My sister, sister in law, and I have talked for years about getting a tattoo together. But timing always seemed off. Pregnancies, money, trying to get together all at once, and fear all played factors in why it took so long to make this happen. I think also, with me being such a talker, I said yes in the moment without thinking that it would actually happen. I brushed it off. Well earlier this year they got a hold of me and said it was time. My sister in law had a vision and sent it to the tattoo artist. We chose an arrow. At first mostly because we liked the looks of it. But it became so much more than that to me. If I was going to do this it had to have meaning to me.The arrow represents protection from harm. I felt that by each one of us getting it, it was symbolizing that through everything each one of us will experience, the other two will be there to protect. Also by each one of us getting a single arrow it symbolizes that our friendship will last a lifetime.

I could not have chosen two better people to get my first tattoo with. First my sister. I often do not have the words to express my love for her. She is my best friend. From the moment she was born I knew I would be the one to protect her and guide her. We have weathered many storms together. This has further strengthened us as we travel through this life together. We have always said that we are twins born seven years apart. She inspires me. She motivates me. She puts me back together when I am falling apart. She cries when I cry. She laughs when I laugh.

Second my sister in law. It is always a blessing when your sibling marries someone that you connect with. With marriage and each one of us having children, our bond has become closer than ever. I can talk to her about anything. She is the one that I can bounce ideas and thoughts off of and get an honest opinion. Her dedication is inspiring. Her love for my niece is a beautiful thing to witness (well I guess for my brother too).

We will forever have this memory of something that we did together. There will forever be a stamp on our bodies symbolizing our dedication and friendship with one another. Plus for myself, this marked a time in my life where I learned that sometimes taking a leap can cause great reward. Learning to trust myself and what I want in life can cause satisfaction. I am so happy that I learned to take a risk. I encourage everyone to take that leap. Conquer a fear. Take a risk. Be adventurous.

“If it’s still on your mind, it is worth taking the risk” – Paulo Coelho

So yes I did something crazy and I would totally do it again!