The firsts

August 5, 2015

Last week I had the honor to write my first ever guest post! It was nerve wrecking but I got it accomplished! It is all about kindergarten prep!It is a small list of things to look over to see if your child to prepared for the next step of kindergartner! Please head over to!… Read More

I am a complete mess. I am absolutely and utterly perplexed that I have a five year old. This means that she gets to venture off into the world of school. I have never been more terrified. For a year now my husband and I have been battling back and forth with what the right… Read More

Most parents I know try to raise their children to be outstanding citizens of this world. We teach them how to be polite, how to share, how to use manners, how to obey. The list continues on and on and exhausts our mental capacity. We try to instill in our children right and wrong. We… Read More