Must Have Baby Item for Shopping

I have a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping. I love when I get to go solo. I love when all three kids behave perfectly and allow for a successful shopping trip. I hate crowded stores. I hate when all three kids act like they have been hopped up on sugar for hours, leaving me in tears and caving to their every demand. I hate having to push two carts through the store.

But then it happened. I came across a genius product. One that made all of us happy. It eliminated using two carts. It eliminated the crying. It actually eliminated the girls throwing fits (probably cause they think it is the coolest thing ever). This is a must have product for your grocery shopping (or any kind of shopping) experience. The product is called the Binxy Baby shopping hammock.

I have used it a number of times and without fail I get tons of compliments on how unique and cool it is. Not only that but many have mentioned how much more comfortable it looks and how much safer it seems to be. Safety as a parent is always a concern. I have always been leery of putting the car seat on the top of the shopping cart. It just never seemed secure and safe. The other alternative is putting the car seat into the shopping cart. Yeah ok that is fine but umm…where do I put the groceries? This shopping hammock eliminates all my worry about safety and security.

The Binxy Baby can be used with or without the car seat. I like to use it without since Finnegan is not a big fan of sitting in his seat for long periods of time. Finnegan is safely secured in his shopping hammock leaving open space below for all our groceries. He loves to be able to watch everything that goes by and I think he secretly loves all the attention that he receives. I definitely wish I had one of these when the girls were younger!

Now like I said before the shopping hammock can also securely hold a car seat. This comes in handy for the times when your baby falls asleep on the way to the store. Just transfer the seat from the car to the hammock and secure it with the attached safety strap. I do not know how many times I have placed the car seat into the cart and piled everything that I could around the baby. This eliminates that!!

The Binxy Baby meets all applicable safety standards. It can be used from birth until your baby can sit upright unassisted. The weight limit for the hammock is 50 pounds.

I truly can say that this is a must have for shopping with your baby! It is safe and easy to use. Plus it opens up the cart so that you can actually put things in there! I total win for making your shopping experiences more enjoyable!

*I received the Binxy Baby for review. As always the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.