The Best Teethers for Baby

Well it has happened, we have entered the dreaded teething stage. I was hoping we would just skip this stage all together. A mother could dream right? Well there is no skipping this one. I feel that this is the worst stage to experience. The irritability, the drooling, the trying to bite and chew on everything, the trouble sleeping; all of these have been occurring for the last few weeks around here. My poor little Finnegan has been miserable the last few days. It is so difficult to watch and sit by while he is experiencing pain. With teething in full swing I have been scouring to find things that will help ease his pain.

We are so excited to be partnering with Nuby due to their high standards and dedication in making the teething process a little more bearable. Nuby has many options to choose from to help comfort a teething baby. Here are three teethers that I believe are the best when it comes to helping the teething process.

The Nuby Teething Blankie: This blankie is available in 4 fun characters! We received the frog character and Finnegan loves it. It really is his favorite toy at the moment. The teething toy features multiple teething surfaces, the frog squeaks when we squeeze it, and the fabric crinkles when it is touched! It is the perfect toy to relieve some of the discomfort of sore and tender gums that Finnegan has been experiencing. The Nuby Teething Blankie is available at Walmart and buybuy Baby stores and also can be found online at Amazon and Babies R’ Us.

The NanaNubs Massager: The peel of the banana is made of 100% soft silicone that helps soothe sore gums while the banana itself has 360 degrees of soft massaging bristles that provide gentle cleaning. Finnegan has a tooth almost ready to break through and I have noticed that when he uses his NanaNubs he is not displaying any pain. He chews on this most of the day! I love, love, love this product! The NanaNubs Massager can be found in store at Wal-Mart and online at Amazon.

The Nuby Teething Necklace: A wearable teether made of 100% silicone that provides multiple teething surfaces and a snap clasp for safe and easy fastening. There are many colors and styles to chose from.  I really like to use this necklace a lot. I always have it with me for him to bite on or play with while breastfeeding. The Nuby Teething Necklace can be found in store at Target, Babies R’ Us, TJ Maxx, and Wal-Mart and online at Babies R’ Us and Amazon.

I am so happy that I was able to partner with Nuby so that Finnegan could benefit from using each one of these teethers. It has definitely made this stage a little more easier to get through. I am sure that these teethers will help your little one get through this terrible stage too!