Homeschool Learning with Goldfish

This year for school one of our topics we are eager to study is nutrition and gardening. It will be something that we will study throughout the year in hopes to better healthy habits and to continue the girls love of gardening. They love to plant the seeds and to slowly watch them sprout into beautiful plants that provide us with food to eat. It is so important to learn how food is made and how it benefits our bodies.

With that being said I was so surprised to learn that the colors used in Goldfish crackers are sourced from plants. What??? I bet you cannot believe it either! Well here is the rundown:

  • Red: Red Goldfish crackers are colored by a mix of beet juice concentrate and paprika extracted from sweet red peppers.
  • Green: Green Goldfish crackers are colored by watermelon and huito juice concentrate, mixed with turmeric extract.
  • Yellow: Yellow Goldfish crackers are colored by turmeric extract.
  • Blue: Blue Goldfish crackers are colored from huito and watermelon juice concentrate.

The girls were pretty impressed with learning that their favorite snack are 100% real cheese and that the colors derive from plants. Annaliese’s favorite is blue while Madelyn’s is red!

What is your favorite color?

Plant Your Vote for your favorite Goldfish color! The one color with the highest vote will get its own limited edition bag at select retailers this spring.

Learning about Goldfish I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use the crackers during some of our school activities. For school I decided to make fruit and vegetable 3 part cards for our study. 3 part cards usually consist of one picture card with a label, one picture card without a label, and one label. In homeschooling I have found that using 3 part cards have been a great success in doing multiple activities. Download here so you can use these for some learning fun!

For Madelyn we are learning beginning and ending sounds. We use the cards for her to sound out the word and spell out either the beginning or ending sound with Goldfish crackers. It keeps her focused and if correct she gets to eat the crackers!

Annaliese loves to use the cards to practice on her drawing while snacking on Goldfish crackers.

Other activities you can do with these cards are: printing practice, vocabulary words, spelling practice, or classification. The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to grab some Goldfish to use (or snack on) while using these 3 part cards!

Also do not forget to vote for your favorite color in hopes of it getting its own bag this spring!