Why I Homeschool

This year on the blog I want to begin featuring more of our life as a homeschooling family. I have to admit I wasn’t sold on the idea of homeschooling. I wanted the girls to go to school and that be that. But as they got older I began researching diligently about the schools around us versus homeschooling. It was a long back and forth battle for us. There were both pros and cons to each avenue. However in the end homeschooling we knew was the best decision for us.
So why do I homeschool?

First the local schools were just not meeting the expectations that we wanted. We did a lot of thinking and research on this. Policies, what was being taught, and opinions of other parents did not give us the confidence we needed to commit to putting our girls in school. Safety in schools and the influence of other children did also play a role in our decision to homeschool our children.

Second the flexibility is amazing! Overall we maintain a pretty good schedule but some days we just want to break free and be rebels. When there is a beautiful day we stop school a little early to play at the park or go for bike rides. The flexibility also helps when we want to visit family or family comes to us. Just recently we had family visit from Colorado so we were able to take the week off and spend every moment with them.

Third the amount of time we get to spend together. Ok some days I would love to send them away for a month long vacation to Grandmas but overall the time we get to spend together is something I know I will treasure in the future. I have this great opportunity to teach them and to watch them flourish as individuals. Teaching is hard. But then I see that moment. The moment when the light bulb goes off and an idea is born. The moment when problems are figured out and celebratory high waves are given. The moment when a correct answer is given and a big smile washes over their faces.

Finally we can cater to the girls likes and interests to create a curriculum that they enjoy. One week they want to learn about the human body but the next week they want to learn about polar bears, we can make that happen. This year we moved towards the Charlotte Mason approach of homeschooling and have loved what we have been doing so far. We use so much more than just textbooks to learn what is needed for their grades. Living books, exploring nature, using the environment around us all aid in making this our best year yet for schooling. Homeschooling gives us the opportunity to explore and look outside of the books for knowledge.

These are the reasons why I homeschool. These are reasons why I chose this path. For the last three years it has been the best decision for our family. I continue to learn everyday the amount of strength and commitment I need to teach my girls great things. And I am so thankful that I get this opportunity. I look forward to sharing more with you what we do this year in homeschool and why we do it!