Week 24-Bump Update

I am a little behind but last week I hit 24 weeks! I am six months pregnant and cannot believe it! This pregnancy is moving so quickly and I have to admit I am a little sad about it. I absolutely love being pregnant. Even with all the pain and discomfort, I love the feeling of being pregnant. The movement that I feel and the bond that I have with this baby boy is something that only I can experience. May sounds selfish but it is so incredibly special.


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The girls and Josh are able to really start feeling the baby. Madelyn lights up every time she feels him kick. The sweetness that these girls share with their baby brother is such a beautiful moment. They will talk and sing to him. Every night there are hugs and kisses for baby brother. With Josh, it will never get old experiencing each and every movement with him. Last night as we were talking, the baby was moving up a storm so I placed Josh’s hand on my belly. That was the first time Josh experienced such a constant movement from the baby. I, being the emotional mess that I am, just started to cry. It is a moment that I time and time again love. For the man I love to be able to get a glimpse of what I am feeling. For his face to light up and have a big smile on his face, it means everything.


Here are a few details about this amazing experience!

Weight gain: I have gained a total of 12 pounds so far! I am at the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I know, I know, I am pregnant, but it is was still a little bit of a shock to see that number on the scale.

Cravings: Still am craving pretty much anything and everything! One thing I did notice that is hard for me to eat is chicken breasts. It is something we eat a lot of so that it has not been the greatest.

Sleep: Hah! Sleep. I miss sleep. I will not experience a good night’s sleep for a few more years. I am extremely uncomfortable and cannot find a position that works for me and the baby. The bed is becoming more cramped and filled with a surplus of pillows. Another fun experience that occurs at night, charlie horses. Nothing like a pregnant woman shooting out of bed with horrible leg pain.

Overall feeling: Overall I feel good most of the time. There are some days where he sits really low causing back pain. But then there are some days where he sits really high causing pressure on my lungs and bladder. I am starting the beginning stages of nesting. The bedrooms in our home are extremely tiny and with putting the girls back into one room, I need to make some necessary toy cut. Once I can get this all taken care of then I can start putting together the nursery!

This is quickly passing by and with just over three months to go, I need to get moving to get this house ready for baby brother!