In Due Time Book Review

I have said time and time again social media can be a great opportunity to build relationships with others. I have found so many people through blogging that I enjoy getting to know and reading their stories. It is such a nice community to be a part of. One women I have followed and gotten to know is Caroline Harries. I have followed her inspiring and beautiful journey of life, love, and infertility for over a year now. Her journey is encouraging. Her journey is uplifting. Her journey gives women in similar situations a place to feel comfort and that they are not alone.

Not many know this about myself, but I have suffered from infertility. The moment my husband and I got married we decided to try to conceive. It was a long journey to our first child. It took four years for us it get pregnant. The struggle to keep things together and the emotions that were experienced were heartbreaking yet taught me so much about the person I am.

Caroline has channeled not only her experiences in life but also her faith in God into a beautiful and much needed devotional. “In Due Time” is not just for women experiencing infertility. It is for anyone experiencing a time of waiting. Whether it is waiting for a new job, a new home, health, or a baby, this devotional will give you the guidance needed to see that “it is possible to have joy and declare that God is good, even in the midst of waiting.”

Throughout the 60 days, there are short but powerful messages to read and then spend time reflecting upon. At the end of each day of reading there is an application part. This allows you to examine what you are feeling about your situation and what possibly could be done to bring you closer to God. This devotional gives you hope and encouragement through a time that seems unbearable.


The following is an excerpt from the book:

How Long, O Lord?

“How Long, O Lord? How Long?” How many times have
you asked this question as you have waited for God’s
promises to manifest in your life? It’s probably a
question that every believer has asked at some point in time. For
me, I feel if I knew the answer to the time frame of when my wait
would be over, then the wait wouldn’t be nearly as hard. But the
unknown, coupled with realizing God’s timing is much different
than mine, becomes exhausting. Some days I feel as though my
wait has no end in sight. Time after time I have cried out to the
Lord, “How long, O Lord, How Long?”

This part really resonated with me as I was reading. I do not know how many times I have cried out to God and asked how much longer? Waiting as an imperfect human is a struggle that we have all experienced. The day of devotion goes on to use the example of David and how in the Bible he asked the same question. His question and prayers were met with silence from God. But this does not mean that God did not hear him. “It is in God’s silence, that he is actually working.” So when we may be feeling like we are not able to handle the wait, know that God is working on our prayers and “he is waiting for the perfect time to bless you richly.”

This is just one example of what this beautiful and insightful devotional has to offer. It is filled with beautiful passages from the Bible that inspire and encourage each one of us to draw closer to God and build a strong and everlasting relationship with him.

So how can you get your hands on this book?? Well preorders are happening right now!! Click here to order yours today!


Also I encourage to follow Caroline through her blog and instagram!

Hopefully everyone will enjoy this devotional as much as I am!