Making Memories in the Fall

Fall is my favorite season. The leaves changing, the crisp air, the fires, the delicious comfort food. There are so many wonderful things to experience during this season. With having kids, I feel like it just amplifies the excitement and the adventures of the season. One adventure that I love to share year after year with my girls is going to the pumpkin patch.

This year was a little different. It was a beautiful day during the week and I just did not feel like wasting the possibility of the day. So we loaded up and went to the pumpkin patch. Usually we go with family or at least my husband tags along but this time it was just me and the girls. This I found to be extra special. In just a few short months it will no longer be just the girls and I. So I am trying my best to spend as much girl time as possible.

Immediately when we got there Madelyn grabbed a wagon and we walked the long path to the pumpkin patch. If the girls could they would have picked out the the first pumpkin they saw and our trip would have been over in five minutes. But I encouraged them to explore and exploring is what we did! We found small ones, green ones, misshapen ones, and one that made them think of the great pumpkin!



Second we explored the apples. We did not need to pick apples today (we have already canned and froze apples) but it was still a great learning lesson for school. In school we are learning about apples and all the different kinds that are available. There was such a variety growing that we talked and talked about what we learned. I think this falls under the win category since we did not do school that day!

img_4341 img_4350

Next up on the agenda were donuts!! We are suckers for yummy sugar and cinnamon donuts so we had to get some to enjoy. As we sat there enjoying our donuts, we talked about silly stuff, laughed at each other’s sugary faces, and made goofy faces for the camera!




Lastly we walked and looked at the smaller and unique pumpkins and picked out some gourds. The girls spent about 10 minutes picking out the gourds they wanted to bring home. Our house is now completely covered in gourds, pumpkins, and all things that scream fall.




This was definitely a great day and a day that will be remembered in our handful of pumpkin patch memories! Continuing to make memories with those that I love and embracing those moments that may seem so ordinary is truly a blessing. These moments are so fleeting and I know personally I want to look back and have ones to fondly reflect on.