Toy Addict

Hello there my name is Kristen and I am a toy addict.

My house is filled with dolls, barbies, blocks, puzzles, games, arts and craft supplies, learning toys, baby strollers, cleaning toys, kitchen sets, little people galore, playdoh, magnetic girls and the list goes on and on.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What in the world has happened? What has caused myself to continuously buy my children toys?  I think there is some deep rooted feeling that causes me to act in such a crazy manner. As I walk through the toy aisles my mind is spinning by all the possibilities. I think I actually hear my mind telling me “toys, toys, TOYS, got to have TOYS!!!!!!!!!”

Now don’t go thinking “this girl is crazy and gives toys to compensate for love.” Both girls get plenty of love and attention. I am just absolutely in love with toys. Maybe it is the child within that creates such a frenzy to have the number of toys that we have! I mean do the girls really need to have seven dollhouses???? Or how about the pile of baby dolls?




This week I have committed myself to part ways with some toys and get this house back in order! It is toy overload in here! I love seeing the girls enjoy their toys and they actually do play with most of them. But I think they will appreciate them more if I take some away. So I am trying the advice of many and putting some toys away in totes and every couple weeks switching them out. I think my biggest fear is forgetting to do so and then the girls will not get the opportunity to play with those toys. I know probably seems absolutely silly but hey, I am a toy addict.

I will also try to refrain from buying new toys but I am not making any promises!!!


UPDATE: Madelyn is still struggling with the potty training due to mommy’s fear of putting her in underwear when we are not at home. Since it is summer and we are getting to be busy it is hard for me to put her in under-roos when we are out and about. So I am continuing to work on this and hope that by the time she turns 3 I will have her potty trained!