Potty training

There is nothing more fun then potty training. (Insert pause for extreme laughter). This past month Madelyn has begun the adventure of switching from baby to big girl. At first we were shocked and excited that she seemed to just do it herself and started going to the toilet all alone. It was a glorious few days.

I was just about to switch from pull ups to underwear when she regressed. I have never seen a child so content with sitting in her own filth. Her calm and cool demeanor is something to be envious of. She is so laid back but I believe maybe just a little too laid back. She seemed to find a new and fun game that she could play with us. How many times can I get mom and dad to take me to the bathroom even though I do not have to go but I will make them think I do and revel in their frustration. There were points where my frustration was so high that I had to walk away in fear that I might explode. Then as the frustration would begin to boil over she would give us the great pleasure of actually going to the bathroom. She is such a little stinker. At what point will she realize that wearing a diaper is not a good look?!

So in order for me to not lose all of my patience, I am taking extreme measures. Goodbye training pants. Hello puddles on my floor. Luckily we have no where to go for the next few days because I see some hardcore potty training going on! I am determined to get rid of all evidence of having a child still in diapers! Wish me luck!