The Lion and the Princess

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There are not many times where the girls play together in peace. There are many attempts of interaction but those are quickly squashed by yelling, screaming, and fighting. So it is always such a beautiful sight to see when both girls decide to play with no quarrels! This time they decided to play dress-up. They pulled out every single outfit and accessory to find the perfect costume. This day they chose the lion and the princess. These two outfits are sized at 24 months but that did not stop them. As they pulled the outfits on, they instantly became their characters.

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The lion began to chase the princess throughout the house. Roars were heard at loud volumes while the princess pleaded for someone to save her.

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It was a wonderful sight. To hear the girls play blissfully and with such delight is like listening to the best music in the world. It calms me, it makes me smile, it creates inner peace. This moment was too good to pass up. I was hesitant to try to interrupt so that I could capture the enthusiasm and glee that they had. To my surprise they were both willing to get a few pictures taken. I was going to take it and was thrilled to capture this day!

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