Three Tips for Introducing Solids

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I cannot believe we are already at that stage where we are introducing solids to Finnegan. In all honesty we were trying to put off giving him food until he was closer to a year old. But Finnegan had other plans. At four months he was already watching us eat with such interest. He would grab for our food and lick his lips. I personally felt this was too soon to introduce solids. So we waited and were thoroughly entertained with his love for food (I mean he hadn’t even tasted it and he was enthusiastic about it! My kind of kid!). When Finnegan turned six months we felt it was a good time to start introducing solids. The pure joy and excitement he had showed us that what we were doing was right. Even as a third time mama I still second guess myself and wonder when I should be doing certain things. I am pretty sure many moms can relate to that!

So here are my three tips for introducing solids!

1. Only you can decide the right time to introduce food to your baby. I feel like sometimes I get bombarded with opinions and advice on the right time I should be giving my baby solids.I have heard to wait until six months, try to hold off to closer to the first birthday, start at three months. Everyone has their own way and time. What was best for one family is not always best for another. Like I said already I did my best to wait as long as possible to give solids to Finnegan. But this kid was showing all the signs very early on but I decided to wait until six months. So only you can determine what the right time is to start solids!!!

2. Introduce one food at a time. It is so important to just start with one in order to see if your baby has an allergy to that food. Many follow the four day rule, which allows for plenty of time to see what kind of reaction your baby will have. Another thing to remember is that it does not matter what you introduce first. Anyone hear the advice to start vegetables before fruits?? Well guess what? There is no evidence showing that if you start fruits before vegetables, your child will hate vegetables! Babies have a preference for sweets from birth so the order in which you introduce foods will not matter! Mind has been blown!

3. Have the right feeding tools to make the transition easy! I swear Nuby has the best products for feeding. Something I am doing this time around is making my own food. I have been using the Nuby garden fresh mash n feed bowl when prepping Finnegan’s food. A big winner right now is mashing up banana. I like that I just have to use one dish to prepare his food and feed it to him. The girls love being able to mash up the food too! I am all about independence and Finnegan has already wanted to feed himself. I do not quite trust him with a spoon yet so the Nuby EZ squeeze is the perfect tool for him to use. The pressure sensitive valves allows for the perfect amount to come out while Finnegan is navigating the world of feeding himself. Another perfect tool for feeding is the Nuby Nibbler. This is great for introducing soft solids to Finnegan without the fear of choking. We put a strawberry in it and he was obsessed. Each one of these items have really benefited us in our journey with introducing solids.

Do you have any other tips when it comes to introducing solids? Comment below!!

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