Strong and Healthy Baby! An Update on using Probiotics

About a month ago I started giving Finnegan Evivo probiotics. I have to admit before that I had no idea that probiotics even existed for babies. But I am so glad that I became aware and knowledgeable in regards to these probiotics. I want nothing more than to keep my baby strong and healthy. That is why today I wanted to share with you our experience with the probiotics and just how truly amazing they are!

First here is a little recap on what Evivo probiotics are! Evivo probiotics is the first and only powder probiotic that when mixed with breast milk can restore a baby’s gut microbiome to its natural state. The good bacteria, B. infantis, will dominate in baby’s gut therefore protecting baby from the inside out. With the good bacteria thriving, baby will most likely have a healthy metabolism and immune system later in life. I went into more detail here about the five benefits Evivo can have on your baby while you are breastfeeding.

I cannot believe the difference I have seen in his health. Right off the bat it has made a difference in his gas and constipation. From birth Finnegan has really struggled with having a regular poop cycle. While it wasn’t a big concern early on (cause he was never cranky or in pain) recently he has started grunting and pushing with nothing coming out. By day three he would be miserable. Since starting the probiotics, he has gone every single day. He has not shown any signs of constipation. So both baby and mama have been extremely happy.

Also I want to make sure Finnegan is getting everything possible that will help and benefit him as he gets older. Eczema and allergies are something that runs in the family so if these probiotics can help reduce the risk of these conditions, you better believe he will be taking these probiotics!

These probiotics are so simple to use.

1. Pour powder probiotic in bowl.
2. Mix in breast milk.
3. Use syringe to give to baby.

That is it! Something so simple yet so important for baby today and for the years to come. I am so happy that I was able to find something that will truly help my baby and give him all the benefits possible to stay strong and healthy!

Learn more about the wonderful benefits of Evivo probiotics here! Evivo has given me a code for the first 50 who redeem to receive $10 off an Evivo Probiotics Starter Kit of 4 weeks or more! The code is ev9-e649349s!