Peace of Mind with BabySense

Confession of a third time mom: I still have a hard time stepping out of the room when I put my baby to bed. This was especially true for the first few weeks of bringing him home. The constant worry and wonder if everything is ok. I place my hand on his chest to make sure he still has breath. I make sure nothing can possibly fall into the crib where he is laying. I slowly step out of the room hoping the door creaking does not wake him. Nighttime my anxiety rises as I hope I will wake up when I hear him crying.

Luckily I can get peace of mind with the Babysense video monitor and infant movement monitor. The previous monitor we had was super ancient so we needed to find a new one that helped in easing the nervousness of leaving Finnegan in his crib. The Babysense monitor is exactly what we were looking for in terms of technology and special features.

Technology: 2.4 inch high definition color LCD display, secure connection, 2.4 GHz digital wireless connection, range up to 900ft, 2x digital zoom. (That might sound all foreign to some but its all great when looking for a monitor!)

Features: room temperature monitoring, alarm/timer setting, two way talk back, lullabies, eco mode, infrared night vision.

I love being able to take the monitor outside and play with the girls and not worry about the connection getting lost. I love that I can put on the music and not even have to enter the room. I love how clear the video is. This monitor gives me the security I need to move about my day without constant worry and also get a decent sleep.

Now something completely new to me is a movement monitor. I did not even know these existed when the girls were babies. This is definitely going on my list of best baby products.

Babysense movement monitor comes with two highly sensitive sensors that cover the entire crib area without disturbing the baby. The wires are hidden and the sensors do not emit any radiation of any kind. “Babysense constantly monitors your sleeping baby movements, alerts you if movements stop or become irregularly slow.” It has been so helpful in giving me the peace of mind I need to step out of the room.

I am so relieved that I found something that eases my mind when nap time and bedtime come around. Both of these monitors give me the confidence in allowing my baby to sleep soundly without me peeking in every 20 minutes. Well ok I may sometimes peek in cause he is just so darn cute!

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