Learning to Embrace the Mess

Parenting three children can get messy. I feel as though I spend most of my days cleaning up after them. Whether it be picking up toys, scrubbing the dishes, sweeping the floors, or washing them up, I am constantly working to keep everything clean and in order in this house. There are many days where I get so distracted by the cleaning that I feel I do not give my children my utmost attention. I love having a clean home but is it worth not sharing moments with my children? It most certainly is not and for this reason I am learning to embrace the mess!

So what if the laundry gets neglected. Who cares if the morning (and afternoon and evening) dishes do not get done. It’s not a big deal if the vacuuming gets skipped a day. These are not the things I will miss. These are not the things I look back on with fondness and love. I will look back on the day when Annaliese learned to read. I will look back on the day when Finnegan first rolled over. I will look back on the days were we had epic dance parties until we fell to the floor in exhaustion. I will look back on the days Madelyn crawled into bed at 4 in the morning to snuggle. These are the moments.These are the most treasured jewels that I will carry throughout life. I want to make sure I am present for these moments and not stuck all day cleaning. Therefore if I embrace the mess a little and accept the fact that it is okay to wait to get to the mess, I can fully embrace the smiles, laughter, and happiness that my children display. Thanks to Huggies and Family Dollar I am slowly learning to #HugTheMess!

One mess that is inevitable to deal with is dirty diapers. But I am confident that Huggies will #HugTheMess so I don’t have to! Huggies Snug & Dry are my new favorite go to diaper. Snug & Dry now feature four layers of super absorbent protection that lasts up to 12 hours. Not only does Huggies provide dependable diapers but they have dependable wipes too! Huggies One & Done refreshing wipes come out one at a time so I know I am not wasting wipes and not drying them out. They are also thicker so the clean up is fast!

We headed to our local Family Dollar to embrace this mess and get a great value on Huggies Snug & Dry and Huggies One & Done. On top of already being at a great price, we used the Family Dollar Smart Coupon for $2 off Huggies all year long!

I am thoroughly confident that no matter what mess I am faced with, I will #HugTheMess and be present in the moments that really matter. These moments are fleeting and I want to make sure they take top priorty over the sparkling clean home! Parenting these three children is the greatest joy!

Don’t forget to visit your local Family Dollar to purchase Huggies diapers and wipes using the Smart Coupon where you can get $2 off all year long!