Ten Benefits to Babywearing


It is no secret. I have done many things differently with Finnegan then I did with the girls. One of those things is babywearing. I remember when the girls were babies I had no interest, I did not want to be “that mom”. Call that judgmental if you want but it is the truth. However with Finnegan I will find any excuse to wear him. Going for a walk? Forget the stroller, babywear. Need to vacuum? Grab the baby and babywear. Just lounging around the house, babywear. I have never been this excited to have one of my children attached to me at all times. I think I will be babywearing until my back gives out.

I have found that there are a number of benefits to wearing Finnegan and I wanted to share ten of those benefits with you all!

1. Baby cries less when held. A study conducted in 1986 has shown that when carried three hours a day, baby cried 43% less overall and 54% less during the evening hours.
2. Great workout. Carrying around a ten month old takes work. It continues to be a great way to work off all the baby weight.
3. Can breastfeed. I have done this on a few occasions and it is so easy to do and can be done discreetly.
4. Easier to get things done. Some days baby just wants to be held. For Finnegan it was always on the days where I had tons of things to get accomplished. I have been able to hold him hands free so that I can do chores or continue homeschooling with no problems.
5. Better view of the world. When baby is worn they are being exposed to different faces and emotions therefore they learn language quicker.
6. Sense of Security. Close to mom is always a great place to be. This gives baby peace of mind and the reassurance that mom (or even dad) is right there.
7. Promotes physical development. The upright position causes baby to develop neck and head strength and control.
8. Increases milk supply. With the skin to skin contact occurring with babywearing, this increases mother’s prolactin levels which helps increase milk supply.
9. Reduces colic. The upright position helps with keeping stomach contents down and promotes healthy digestion for baby.
10. More bonding time. This is ultimately the best benefit. I get to share moments with Finnegan that I would not share if I did not babywear.

I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to babywear. When researching to find the best product to use for this journey, I found this wrap from Beachfront Baby to be extremely versatile. The material is lightweight and wicks moisture away to keep both you and baby cool. One big bonus with this wrap is that it can be worn in the water. Just one more adventure I can experience with Finnegan.

*Thank you kindly to Beachfront Baby for sponsoring this post. As always the opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.