Keeping Baby’s Memories all in One Place

I knew going into having my third child I would not have the third baby problems and forget to document milestones. It can be so easy to forget the little and the big things that occur with the third child. My life and mind go a mile a minute but I consciously made the decision that I wanted to remember everything that Finnegan would experience just as much as I wanted to with the girls. From his hospital bracelet to his first outfit to when he first crawled to his first birthday, everything documented and stored in a place that is easily accessible.

The Savor It All keepsake box does just that. The Library contains two sturdy and beautiful boxes to store all important memories of Finnegan’s first few years. One box stores all the trinkets of baby’s life. While the other box stores all the documents, pictures, and the memories I have jotted down. It is so easy to organize with illustrated labels, vertical files, and drawers so that his baby memories can be enjoyed for years to come.

I love how everything of Finnegan’s is in one place. I think currently the girls’ things are scattered throughout a couple totes in the basement. This is not how memories should be stored! Plus I love how the box can be displayed like beautiful books up on the shelf. Another thing that I can not do with my daughters’ baby books.

So if you are tired of the usual store bought baby book and looking for something that will store all keepsakes and milestones in one place, Savor it All is exactly what you are looking for!

*Thank you kindly to Savor It All for sponsoring this post. As always the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.