Summer Days with SwimZip

Living in Michigan, we only have a short time to enjoy the summer months. Three months of constant loading up the car, exploring new places, trying to accomplish all the goals that we make for warmer weather.

One place we try our best to spend as much time as possible is the beach. The water, the sand, the sun. We easily get lost in the beauty that is Northern Michigan lakes. The beach allows for hours of play and fun. Swimming, building sandcastles, eating snacks. It is such a wonderful time for each one of us.

This year our beach trips got a little bit better with SwimZip’s round towel. I can not tell you enough how great this towel is. First off let’s talk about the pattern! To die for! Such a beautiful and vibrant pattern that will receive many compliments at the beach. Next the size of the towel. I was not expecting it to be so big.This beach towel is the best accessory to have on hand for all four of us! It gives us all plenty of room to sit and enjoy the view. Lastly, the towel is perfect to wrap around to keep warm after a long day of swimming. Many times the girls will argue about which one gets to use the towel at the end of the trip!





We have not only used the towel at the beach but also right at home. The size is perfect for an afternoon picnic, followed by lounging in the shade watching the beautiful scenery. This towel is a must have to enjoy all our family’s outings!


I would recommend this towel to anyone! Head over to SwimZip right now to get your very own!