7 Gifts Every Gilmore Girls Fan Needs

It all started back in 2000, in a quaint little town, a mother and daughter, talking fast and drinking coffee. I do not think anyone knew the amount of love and dedication people would have for Gilmore Girls. It became a critically acclaimed and beloved show. Even nine years after it ended, the show still remains a staple of conversation and a constant trend among new and old viewers.

With the highly anticipated reboot of Gilmore Girls this year, it is very important to know exactly what to get the biggest fan. Here are 7 things I believe will be a perfect addition to anyone’s love for Gilmore Girls.

Busy B Design coffee cup. “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee” Of course a true fan needs a cup to display their love for the Gilmore Girls. This cup is so beautifully made. There are a number of vinyl and glitter colors you can choose from to make the perfect cup for you! Plus the coffee cup is 16 ounces so it is definitely is great for those “This is a jumbo coffee morning.” I cannot get over how much a love drinking my cup of coffee out of this cup!!!

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Tipsy River Star’s Hallow Print. This print is to die for. I have been eyeing this print for months and I am so happy with the outcome. Every time I watch the show I dream of the day that I could find a town as cute as Stars Hallow. But for now this print allows me to have a little piece of my dream town right in my home. On a side note I have to give props to my wonderful husband for making this beautiful wooden picture frame for this print. I was having a difficult time finding the perfect frame for this absolutely breathtaking print so if you cannot find what you are looking for, make it!!

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Star Crossed Decor Luke’s diner sign. The place where coffee is served, chit-chat is heard, and no cell phones are allowed. This handmade wooden sign is an exact replica of the sign from the show. It is hand painted and such a vibrant piece. I absolutely love it in my kitchen! It would be a great addition to any fan’s home and such a great conversation piece!_MG_2546

_MG_2544Kindred Handicrafts “Oy with the poodles already” t-shirt. You can not go wrong with this shirt or better yet this shop completely! A shop that is completely dedicated in making Gilmore Girls shirts and prints. It does not get much better than that. This shirt is printed on a Next Level tee which means the quality is great and the tee is extremely soft. I have received so many questions about this shirt and I have to say I have enjoyed telling everyone what it means and that it comes from my favorite show!

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Urban Tee Farm girls of gilmore t-shirt. I love the girls of Gilmore! I mean obviously its a given that I love Lorelai and Rory, but Sookie, Lane, Emily and Paris. These ladies are great friends, motivators, and pain in the butts. Everything I would look for in a key group of women for support. This shirt is incredibly soft and comfortable. It is a unisex so it is important to know what size you are looking for! I wanted my shirt to be loose and this shirt did not disappoint. The shop also offers the Guys of Gilmore t-shirt so I say pick up both! It is always so nice to find a shirt that fits great and has comfort in mind.

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KT Stop Shop jewelry. A true fan wears their love for Gilmore Girls around their neck! This shop not only offers necklaces but keychains, bracelets, magnets, and earrings. I am in love with my necklaces! Each necklace gives a fun and whimsical look to any outfit. I love how you are able to choose from black, bronze, silver or copper for your necklace. Each one offering just a little different look for your outfit. These are the best accessories for any Gilmore Girl fan! Plus having a keychain that makes me an honorary Gilmore, I mean come on, best keychain ever!                                                                                _MG_2582 (2)

_MG_2574 (2)


Paper Love Song “Luke to my Lorelai” print. This print is amazing! I, like so many other fans, rooted for these two the moment the show began. The chemistry was there but we had to wait until the season 4 finale to see a glimpse of them together. Then the break up. Ahhh I almost could not handle it. Luke and Lorelai so perfectly complimented each other. I absolutely love this print and have it sitting on my shelf in my bedroom. It reminds me every day that I have found my “Luke”!

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I am so absolutely in love with each and every one of these gifts and with these shops. What a great way to show your love for one of the best shows of all time then with one of these gifts. These seven gifts will get any Gilmore Girl fan ready for the revival later this year!



These amazing gifts were provided to me in exchange for a blog post. All opinions are my own. I would never recommend a product that I absolutely do not enjoy!