How Quickly They Grow

How quickly they grow. They begin as little hopes and dreams, turn into a beautiful and long process, and then make their entrance into the world. The moments of the beginning are engraved in my mind and heart.The worry, the determination, the love. Every emotion filtering through my body. I remember feeling as though the first two months were the longest months of my life. And then just like that, it was over. My baby was walking, talking, moving from here to there. I knew at the moment, I would never be able to catch up. Catch up with my feelings, Catch up with my thoughts. Time was running by me and I was the slowest person at the race.

Last month my baby turned five.Time is definitely still in the lead. Running circles around me laughing at my attempt to continue to catch up. It has caused me whiplash and heartache. I was not prepared for my baby to be five. I can only remember fragments of her toddler years and now we are about to embrace a new stage in her life. I cannot seem to wrap my mind around it. As she continues to flourish and be such an amazing little human, I will continue to hold on for dear life on this 50 yard dash to adulthood.


Madelyn is a kind, loving, free spirit. She is content on playing solo. She is stubborn like her daddy and emotional like her mama. She is determined in her thinking. She is the most inappropriate but the most adorable. She is stunning. She makes me a better person and mother.


So as they continue to grow so quickly, I have found that I cannot compete with time. Time will continue to run laps around me and laugh at my attempts. I can only continue to be present in the moments that matter and embrace the rapidness of them growing.