The Daily Dime: December 2017

December 13, 2017
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Today I am linking up with The Daily Dime to share what a day in my life looks like! What is the daily dime? It is a fun link up party created by Kristin of Taz & Belly, and it consists of bloggers giving their readers a little glimpse into what a day in their life looks like. Participation is super easy: Snap ten photographs of your day, blog about what you are up to, and head over to Taz & Belly to link up! I found it fun to really see how one of our days play out!

So here we go! Here is a glimpse of how one of our days last week looked like!

5:30am I am not a morning person. I repeat I am not a morning person! But when I have a child that is,  I have to roll out of bed, find my way to the coffee pot, and pour me a cup immediately. I often repeat in my head “I will make it through this day” about one hundred times.

7:00am- breakfast! The girls are old enough now where most days during the week they get their own breakfast. So I spend this time feeding Finnegan and getting him ready for the day.

9:00am- we are deep into our studies at this point. I have to admit I am still trying to find a good balance in teaching different grade levels and having a baby to take care off. Thankfully Finn usually gives us two hours in the morning to be completely dedicated to our school work. We worked on some math and began our lesson on Michigan lighthouses. We already decided on doing a number of road trip next summer to see ones we have never seen before!

11:15am- Finnegan just woke up so we switch to practicing the piano. I took lessons as a kid and know how to read music so I can teach the basics to the girls. Once they get more advanced we will put them in lessons.

1:00pm- a little blog work to get done. Finn is napping, the girls are reading and finishing up some school work, while I type away writing a post. I get about only 45 minutes of uninterrupted time. Apparently that is all the time the girls can handle without asking me a million questions.

2:30pm- Girls went outside to play in the snow for a bit. Love that no matter how cold it is they will venture out there and create fun little games. If you look closely at this photo you can see Madelyn’s mischievous look on her face. She just threw snow at her sister and nailed her right in the face. You can imagine that this moment ended play time outside.

3:30pm- A little sibling play time while I get the house straightened up. These are some of my favorite moments of the day. Love seeing all three playing and interacting with each other!

5:00pm- dinner prep. I love to have dinner all ready for when Josh gets home. This allows us to eat and have a little time as a family before the kids have to get ready for bed!

7:30pm- yay for bedtime! Love my children but at this point I’m ready to get them all in their beds. The girls get to read for a bit in bed and then listen to bible stories. Finnegan gets fed once again and quickly falls asleep.

9:00pm- me time. My “me” usually consists of watching TV, working on the blog, editing pictures, and prepping for next week’s school lessons. It is exhausting and I usually just want to go to sleep but it is the only time where I can fully concentrate on my work.

11:00pm- This is where I usually pass out. Finnegan will be up in two hours so I want to catch a little sleep.

There you have it! This is a little glimpse into how a day goes around here. Don’t forget to head on over to Taz & Belly to link up and share your day with the rest of us!