Prepping for Back to School

I cannot believe it is August already! August is a busy month for us. We try to cram every little activity and adventure we want to do in this month and we get ready for back to school. This begins the long days for this mama as I try my best to pull together a well rounded and structured homeschooling curriculum. While I am busy with making lesson plans, the girls are thinking about what to get when we go “Back to school” shopping. This year we tried something a little different. We decided to hop on the computer, head over to, and browse the thousands of options there for the new school year. ‘s everyday low prices and smart rollbacks made it affordable for us to get everything the girls wanted for the school year.

When all the boxes came the girls were completely thrilled and could not wait to open them! I mean I totally understand why it is called “happy mail”. So as they quickly ripped through their boxes they were pleasantly surprised when a few things they didn’t know about were in there! #momwin!

Every year I like to build on their arts and crafts basket. We do a lot of this during the school year. I like to incorporate one or two crafts with every unit we do! This I find keep them engaged and soaking in what we are learning. I was able to get construction paper, washable paint, sketchbooks, markers, and card stock to add to what we already have!


The girls have been eager to get clipboards for school (sometimes it’s so simple to please them). So we ordered two and I think these will be perfect for our nature study series. They will be able to carry these around as we search the outdoors for what we are learning.

We finished up our shopping with getting folders, tons of notebooks (we will be doing notebook journaling in school), erasers, pens, note cards (I think a homeschooling staple), first day of school outfits, and books to put in our morning routine basket!

Searching through was so incredibly simple. It was easy to navigate the back to school page to find most of what we were looking for. On a couple items I used the search box and what I wanted popped up immediately. With all the prepping I have to do for a new school year, I loved being able to get all what we need online at Anything that reduces stress in my life, sign me up! Be sure to take advantage yourself with the every day low prices at!