My Ballerina

Determined to accomplish what only she saw fit

searching for her dream in a world so unforgiving

traveled miles to get her chance

her name in lights, her chance to shine

a true ballerina

endless hours of practice

pirouettes en dehors

grand battement en cloche

million times over

all her hopes and dreams rest upon her feet

the bruised and tattered

held all she felt in her heart

since the age of youth

nothing seemed to override the love she had

for the art of ballet

she knew that this was her golden chance

to dance with all feeling

and never look back.

I wrote this many years back in a college creative writing course. I have always had a passion for dance. I began dance at four years old and continued to dance throughout my childhood. I loved everything about dance. I danced ballet for a couple of years before I moved on to jazz and tap. As a shy child this was my outlet. I was able to perform and compete in front of many and show them my talent. Even though the classes stopped and the recitals are over I still continue to dance. Every chance I get I am teaching my girls everything that I can remember about dance. I try to share with them the beauty and grace that I found in dancing. My oldest daughter has become quite attached to the concept of dance and will spend countless hours twirling through the house and doing her kicks. Since Annaliese has turned four we have begun the discussion on putting her in dance class. She is absolutely over the moon excited about going to dance class.  It is such a beautiful and lovely sport that takes hard work and dedication. I am so happy that she is able to share in a passion of mine and hope that Madelyn will also share in it too.

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