A messy house

I know, I know I have two young children so most days the house is going to be messy. Little people, barbies, and blocks are on the ground like breadcrumbs left to create a trail.  The girls seem to have these toys strategical placed throughout the house to cause pain upon my feet. There are many days where I manage to trip over the same toy again and again. My anger rises. My patience dwindles. I ask those sweet, sweet children of mine to clean up the mess that they have created. They stare. They smirk, They give me a look of as if I am some crazy woman speaking a foreign language. I walk away cause I have chores too! I come back ten minutes later to see that the toys have multiplied.

photo 2

“What in the world” I think to myself. How could these children not listen to me? Why wasn’t listening an innate ability? Why does listening have to be taught? Ugh I know this is going to be a battle. “Don’t break, don’t break” I continuously say to myself so that I stay one tough mama. I call the girls to come here. They listen at that. Huh, who would of thought?!?! I again ask them to pick up their mess. They look at each other and then look at me. One says “will you help me?” I say no and explain to them that this is their mess but I will show them what needs to be cleaned. This creates crying, screaming, stomping off to the bedroom.In this moment I am sorry to say but occasionally I do giggle. It baffles me that they think it is the worst thing in the world to have to clean the mess that they have made. They continue to cry and fight me on this rule. A back and forth battle rages on. Threats are beginning to be made. Time-out. Toys are going in a garbage bag. There is constant screaming and crying “no I will clean”. Some days we battle for hours. There are  days where I feel like giving up and giving in. Its just a little mess…right???? However this is how the toys usually end up. In garbage bags ready for dad to take out.

photo 1

It is never easy to take something away from my children. It is a battle that I wish I could win. If they could see how simple it is to put a toy away once they are done playing with it. This would cause less chaos. Less fighting. Less use of the garbage bags. Well let the battle continue. Let my children quickly learn how to listen so that I can keep my sanity!