Making Memories Last Forever With Shutterfly

As a mom and a photographer I seem to take loads of pictures on a daily basis. Every possible moment that could become a memory I want to capture in a photograph. However these photographs easily get placed on my computer and forgot about forever. This is where Shutterfly comes in to save the day!

Shutterfly has a really neat service called Make My Book. I was so intrigued in using this service. All I had to do was upload the pictures that I wanted, give a couple details, and send it off for them to create a beautiful book. I mean it literally took me minutes. I did not have to spend hours or even days creating and placing all the details myself. The simplicity of this service was perfect. It was great for me since I have a newborn and two other children (aka not a lot of time to be creating photo books). We had a great year last year. It was filled with so many adventures and my pregnancy with our third child. So I knew I wanted all these great memories in a book to treasure forever.

Now being a little control freak, I was worried about how the book would turn out. I anxiously waited to get the email to say my book was ready for me to review. Goodness gracious I was so completely in awe of how they put it together. Exactly how I would do it. Well maybe even a little better than how I would do it. It is like the professionals knew me and knew how I envisioned my book.

So what is the moral of the story? Want to save time, deal with something easy, and want a professional looking photo book? Then use the Make My Book service. Try it! Once you review your book, you do have the option to change things around, but trust me, you won’t. There will be nothing to change. It will be perfect.

I am so incredibly happy with my book! I will definitely be using the Make My Book service again with my next book!! I encourage you all to try this great service with Shutterfly! You will not be disappointed with the outcome!