The Best Headphones for your Child

The girls were a little spoiled last year and got tablets from their Uncle and Aunt. I was a little on the fence for quite some time about tablets but having them has been a real blessing. First I was able to download many apps that have been beneficial for our schooling. Easy reading apps for Annaliese and great ABC apps for Madelyn. Second with having a newborn in the house it has been great to allow the girls to have tablet time in order for this mama to get a little rest. Finally the girls have been able to each watch the shows that they enjoy to watch (surprisingly the girls are their own individuals and do not like everything the same, shocker!!).

So once they got the tablets I started looking around for headphones. It was hard to find ones that I liked. There are tons of options but I wanted ones that were specifically designed for children. Comfort and volume were my two major must haves for their headphones.

After a while of searching I came across a great brand called LilGadgets. These headphones are amazing! The headphones are simple and safe. The girls loved that there were color options and picked their favorites; blue and purple. Of course this mama loved the fact that they were high quality headphones at a price that would not break the bank.

The features of these headphones include:

Volume Limit

Passive Noise Reduction

Child Safety Features

Built in Sharing

Volume was a huge thing for me. How can I keep my children’s ears safe? These headphones have a max out volume of 93db. Now that does not mean you have to have the headphones at the max to hear what you are playing or watching. The girls always have their headphones set at a low level and can still hear everything that is being said on their tablets. Another great feature is the passive noise reduction. This means that all outside noises are reduced by 13db, allowing for safer volume levels for the children. This is due to the padding on the ear design.

Another great feature is the built in sharing. This allows the girls to connect their headphones together into one tablet. When they want to watch their favorite show, The Odd Squad on PBS, they plug into one and have fun watching it together!

The headphones also have great safety features! Love this about this brand! LilGadgets not only looked at the safety of a child’s hearing but looked at all aspects in keeping a child safe!

 I cannot express enough how happy I am with these headphones. LilGadgets also carry headphones that are wireless and earbuds for your child. All headphones are backed by a one year warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I truly do believe I have found the best headphones for the girls and for any child! So if you are looking for a great pair of headphones, head on over to LilGadgets to pick up a pair!

**I was given this product for the purpose of review at no cost of my own. As always these opinions are my own**